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February was an extremely busy month for the team, phones were ringing off the hook, sales were being tied up and new properties were being launched almost every working day! Well done team CR! Great result! 


Will Brexit have an impact on the value of your Cheltenham home? In this 2-minute read, we look at the effect leaving the EU has had on the property market, and if there will be a ‘Brexit bounce’ for house prices in Cheltenham.
Love it or loathe it, or simply sick to the back teeth of it, Brexit is happening.
But what impact will the UK leaving the European Union have on the property market in Cheltenham? Like most long-term forecasts, no one knows with absolute certainty, how things will pan out, especially when it comes to the housing market.
It would be disingenuous of us to suggest otherwise.
However, the immediate impact since the General Election has been to see buyer confidence come flooding back. The media have dubbed it the ‘Boris / Brexit Bounce.’
And here’s why. The housing market doesn’t like uncertainty – whether that’s political or financial.
And humans are often inclined to avoid making decisions if we can get away with it. Our minds seek out a reason NOT to do something which might disturb the status quo of our lives.
Especially when things beyond our control seem ‘up in the air.’

What Will Cheltenham’s Homes Look Like in 2030?

In this two-minute read, we gaze into our crystal ball while doing a quick Google search, to see what homes in 2030 might look like, work like and contain.

Back in 1989 the BBC technology show Tomorrow’s World looked at what the average UK home of 2020 would look like.

Its predictions were hit and miss, but they did forecast technology would play a huge part in how we lived.

They said we’d be able to control our lighting, music and heating by voice commands (Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.). That our homes would be more energy efficient (we’re getting there) and that our windows would be able to turn into TV screens at the flick of a switch (not just yet).

And as we ease into the new decade, people who look ahead to see how technology will shape our lives (they’re called futurists), have been making some predictions of their own for the homes of 2030.

In this 90-second read, we reveal why there’s a lot more happening in January than new diets, broken resolutions and returning to normality.

 “Nothing happens in January, does it?”

It’s a question we hear a lot from homeowners in Cheltenham who are thinking of selling but considering putting things off until spring.

While that statement might be true about the number of events on people’s social calendars, it doesn’t apply to the property market because there’s plenty of activity happening.

The truth is January sees five out of the ten busiest property searching days on the internet, according to the portal Rightmove.

The five dates when new home seeking souls hit the web in huge numbers are:

  • 13th January
  • 21st January
  • 27th January
  • 2nd January
  • 12th January

Discounted offer fee of 0.75% sale commission fee plus VAT of the achieved sale price. Minimum fee of £2,250 applies.

No sale, no fee.

Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Offer only available to properties newly instructed to the market between NOW and 29th February 2020 inclusive.

16 week contract applies.

This offer can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.

All other contractual terms and conditions apply.

Cook Residential reserves the right to cancel or amend this promotion at any time.

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