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This is one for the parents.

We hope you are coping well with the juggling act of having had the kids indoors, trying to help them with their schoolwork and possibly working from home as well.

All the while trying to maintain levels of calm and control. It’s a tough job.

So, we thought we would give you a helping hand with keeping the kids entertained.

We have created four pictures for them to colour in or paint. Just use the links within this blog to download them.

10 Box Sets to Binge on – What’s your favourite?

Many of us have a little more time on our hands than usual at the moment.

And while learning a new language, trying at-home workouts and reading classic literature is all well and good, you can’t beat a good bit of sitting on the sofa and binging on addictive TV shows.

At Cook Residential we’re still working hard for our clients, but over the coming weeks, we are expecting more ‘downtime’ than usual.

So, we’ve come up with ten series for adults that are well worth a watch – some you’ll know, and some might make welcome new arrivals on your must watch lists.


Protect yourself and your family against Coronavirus scammers

In this two-minute read, we discover the despicable scams which have developed around the Coronavirus outbreak. And how we can take action to protect ourselves, our families and our communities.

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) has created a surge of people feeling anxious and fearful across Cheltenham.

And scammers are preying on these emotions to trick people out of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

These scammers are using several methods to target people, including text messaging, social media, phishing emails, direct mail and even in person.

Below is a list of five scams we’ve been made aware of that have happened across the UK.

Seven Tips to Save Money in Cheltenham

A 2-minute read. In this article, we share six of the seven tips from Mr Money Saving Expert 'Martin Lewis' on how you can make the most of your financial resources during this period of uncertainty.

With all that’s happened during the past three weeks, you would be easily forgiven for losing sight of your personal and family finances.

But it’s one area of life where you can exercise some control.

Finance guru, Martin Lewis of Moneysavingexpert, has been a trusted voice for years, and his knowledge and expertise is being called on even more during the Coronavirus outbreak.

A Feelgood Friday Update for People in Cheltenham

In this 2-minute update we share a quick round-up of some of the good news which is happening during these tough times.

Welcome to what we would like to post, as a Feelgood Friday update from us at Cook Residential.

For every episode of panic buying in Cheltenham, there are a dozen more examples of random acts of kindness and generous community spirit.

We’re in the strangest and most surreal period of modern history.

But it’s in these darkest of times many people can, and do, shine their brightest lights.

And here are five reasons to be cheerful and optimistic that Cheltenham, the UK and indeed the World, will pull through this testing period.

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